Our Mission explains the path we’re taking to reach our Vision. It states:

Use Networking & Technology to Empower each progressive individual and organization to fight Poverty and create a Social Justice environment for all. To help them build better social ecosystems, starting small to affect Progress on a larger scale.

Now, let’s try to understand this mission statement.

First of all, it’s not OUR mission, it’s YOURS. A Mission is a specific calling that comes deep from within and it requires a personal stake and investment. So, you should join ProgreCit only if the above statement can become your personal blueprint, something you feel you’re hard-wired for based on your life experience and your soul’s destiny. As Howard Thurman said: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive“.

Progressives are under pressure to do more and to do better to increase and improve our social impact with the scarce resources at our fingertips. To achieve the greater impact we must adopt a network-centric approach to solving our most pressing problems. Building a network of like-minded people and organizations offers us a way to create and unfold together strong alliances that get better leverage, performance, and results than any single organization or person are able to do.

The hard truth is that every progressive organization, in every country, is facing complex social problems that they can’t solve on their own. Big Capital is global. Our main enemy is global and usually acts globally. So, we need to build a global network that helps us create solutions together in order to make the real difference. As government leaders steer more and row less, networks become an indispensable tool to make global change happen at the local level. Deep in our bones, we know that we’re better together than alone. Together we can exchange experiences and master the strategies and tools that we can use to power our vision and achieve our progressive goals. Our strong progressive values should help us support one another, share our passion, and achieve bigger goals.

But Networking alone is not enough. Every year, emerging technologies fundamentally impact how businesses and employees, governments and peoples, organizations, and members connect. Progressives must be aware that each technology also represents an opportunity to improve some components of our life and some aspects of our fight. Technology itself is neither, good or bad, it’s neutral. The 1% uses it to become richer and we must use it to become stronger. At Progressive Citizens, we must learn to use technology to change our social and eco-environment. The potential of emerging technologies to radically improves people’s life and planet health is enormous.

Human beings live in several “worlds” at the same time, starting with the inner self that represents a unique world, a unique universe for each individual. So, at ProgreCit, we talk about changing all the environments where humans interact but starting with those that are closest to every one of us: ourselves, our families, neighborhoods, schools, works, companies, towns, or cities. That’s why our slogan is about “building better worlds“.

But to change the surrounding-us-worlds, we need more than a great purpose and a big idea. The problem is that every new idea has to replace an old one and the status quo has inertia on its side. Even those who are really convinced have to convince those around them and those who, in turn, need to convince others still until the long chain of influence results in a really big change. To truly make a progressive impact, you need relatively small groups of progressive people, virtually connected in a progressives-friendly network (which, for example, Facebook is not) and united by a shared fundamental purpose.

To change the people’s fundamental behavior toward Progress we need to change their fundamental beliefs. That is such a big task that we have to do it together, globally, no matter what country you are from or what organization you belong to. Creating change is not about charismatic leaders and catchy slogans. Creating change is about attracting people and addressing their concerns. At Progressive Citizens, we focus on building traction in small progressive groups, in local environments, and then painstakingly linking them together through a sense of shared purpose.