How It Works

Getting Started With ProgreCit

It is fast and easy! If you pay attention to this page you will learn: 1) How to register and what to do initially; 2) How to use the Platform; 3) What not to do to avoid being suspended, blocked, or removed from ProgreCit (we are a Private Digital Club with few, but very strict rules); and 4) What additional benefits you will get from your Free Membership.


Please carefully read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Notes to Our Terms & Conditions (T&C)

We all know that website Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are important, but truthfully how many of us actually take the time to read them thoroughly?

Since October 2015, you have a legal right to expect fair and transparent T&Cs. This means that “critical information” needs to be clear, prominent, and easy to understand.

With that said, let’s emphasize a few points:

* ProgreCit is a private network, a digital Private Club. We reserve the right to admit and keep on our web portal only those persons who fully meet or come close to the commonly accepted definition of PROGRESSIVE. In case you do not meet these requirements, or in some way violate the established, your account will be blocked, suspended, or deleted.

* After accessing the website for the first time you must go to your Profile and upload a personal photo (a photo of yourself that CLEARLY shows your face). We are a community of people who are proud to be progressive and as members, we must feel confident that we are dealing with real people.

* Once you are accepted into the network, you have the possibility to invite other people. Please EXCLUSIVELY invite progressive people, who can collaborate with our efforts and who feel comfortable in the digital company of people with more or less similar ideas and projects.

RULES and RESTRICTIONS on Submissions and Interactions:

  1. Our Members (individuals and organizations) should exercise common sense and courtesy in submitting comments or materials for posting on ProgreCit environments (“Submissions”). Be kind and courteous, do not use hate speech or bullying, and respect everyone’s privacy.
  2. Inappropriate Submissions would include, for example, comments or materials that:
    1. make false or defamatory statements about others;
    2. are obscene, vulgar, abusive, hateful, or threatening;
    3. harass or discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, or other factors;
    4. are invasive of the privacy rights of others (e.g., by including addresses, phone numbers, or other personal information about third persons without their consent.)
  3. Submissions may not include content or materials that violate the copyrights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights of third parties.
  4. Submissions may not contain unauthorized disclosures of proprietary or confidential information.
  5. Our Members may not use ProgreCit environments, features, and functionalities in a manner or for a purpose that could violate any national or international laws.
  6. Our Members may not use ProgreCit to promote or provide instructional information about illegal activities or for any purpose that may be illegal.
  7. Members Submissions & Interactions may not contain comments or materials supporting any conservatives, openly anti-progressives candidates for political office, or otherwise engage in political activity inconsistent with ProgreCit’s purposes.
  8. Submissions may not include false or misleading representations of affiliation with any other person or entity. A Member may not employ false identifiers to impersonate any person or entity or to misrepresent or disguise the true origin of any content.
  9. ProgreCit believes that anonymous postings are neither necessary for purposes of this platform nor consistent with the level of dialogue expected. Therefore, the Member’s username (which must be provided) will be posted with the Submission. To the extent that a group of individuals, the group name shall be identified in connection with the posting. It is not necessary, however, to identify each individual member of the group associated with the group posting, apart from the identification of individuals in the attribution of quotes made in a posting.
  10. Do not talk about RELIGION within ProgreCit environments. We do not want our diverse religions, beliefs, creeds, and life philosophies to separate us or distract us from the ultimate goal.
How do I know if I am a progressive?

We progressives have diverse views and opinions on many things, but what counts is our common position, which we have summarized in what is known as “The 7 Principles of ProgreCit“:

* We fight for SOCIAL JUSTICE as a key component for the development of civil society in every country in the world. It includes economic justice, racial justice, and environmental justice. We are for AUTHENTICITY and INTEGRITY as a fundamental component of Progress.

* We will never stop fighting for this PLANET. A healthy and sustainable environment is one of our top priorities. The real conflict is not “profit vs planet” and “neoliberalism vs ecology“. A sick Planet does not allow the healthy and comprehensive development of human beings.

* We are against any form of OPPRESSION. We fight for the vulnerable and underprivileged, the sick and powerless, and everyone that is marginalized by existing power structures. We are against DISCRIMINATION as a form of oppression.

* We are for DEMOCRACY as the constant pursuit of civic engagement and public involvement in the direction of social progress. We are for TRANSPARENCY and for the real ACCOUNTABILITY of those in power. We fight to get Big Money out of the political process and to reform the electoral process in every country so that people can elect those who are the best fit to serve and not simply the powerful. We support FREEDOM OF SPEECH and a free & responsible media, whose main purpose is to combine transparency, accountability, and education.

* We are against the CONCENTRATION of WEALTH & POWER in the hands of the few at the expense of the many. We fight for a LIVING WAGE that allows access to life-essential goods and services. And we fundamentally oppose the mass PRIVATIZATION of those things that should be a right not a privilege, like Healthcare and Education.

* We fight POVERTY and SOCIAL EXCLUSION as the main exponents of social predation and regression. They are a denial of choices, opportunities, and a real capacity to effectively participate in society. And a violation of human dignity.

* We believe in a more inclusive SOLIDARITY because, even when it is impossible to agree on every single thing, most of our interests as human beings are shared interests, and progress is not possible if we do not stand together on the issues that matter.


If you are convinced that you are a progressive and you accept our T&C, then Sign Up.

How to Register?

To Register for ProgreCit, first, go to Click on “Sign in” if you are already a Member or on “Create an Account” to register.



It will take you to this screen where you should fill in all the fields:



Complete the fields of the Form, make sure you accept our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policies. Finally, click on “Create Account“.



Click on “Create Account” and you’re done. At the bottom of your phone, you will see a message that says “Add to HomeScreen” and if you click it, it will automatically download the App to your phone. Once inside the site, you must proceed to complete your Profile, which we explain in Step # 3.

How to Download the App?

There are two ways in which you can download the App to your phone: 1) When you are finishing the registration process you will see a message at the bottom of the page that says “Add to Homescreen“. If you click it, it will be installed.



If you do not see that message in time, go to the menu of your browser (the 3 dots) and click on “Install App“. (Only works on Androids).



If you have an iPhone, go to “Share” + “Add to Homescreen” and the App will be downloaded to your phone.

3. PROFILE (Fields + Photo)

Please, fill in all the required profile fields and upload a REAL photo of yourself.

How to Complete Your Profile?

After creating your account and once you are on the platform (either in the web version or in the App) you have to complete the required profile fields to start using the site’s features. Look at the “Personal” tab where those essential fields are and also upload a real photo of yourself to “Profile Photo” (the system removes profiles without photo after 24-36 hours). The “Cover Photo” is not required.


Why do you demand a real profile photo?

We are a community of people proud to fight for Social Justice and Progress. We want all of our members to know that they are in a safe environment, among like-minded people. And that’s why we require you to upload a real photo of yourself. And that’s why we are using a new technology that in 90% of cases allows us to detect a fake photo of a real one.

Some pages are public, but the main pages of the network are private, nobody can see their content if they are not a member. And if someone is reported for not complying with our demands, he or she will be expelled from the network.


As soon as you have read all the information on this page you are ready to go.


What are ProgreCit MAIN FEATURES?

After completing your Profile and uploading your photo, you can start browsing the website or the App to familiarize yourself with the different functionalities of this digital platform.

If from the “Activity“, “Groups”, “Forums” or “My Profile” pages you click on your profile photo (to the right of the Top Menu, you will see that a Functionalities Menu is displayed (image below).



Please note that each of these Menu items includes other items within a submenu, which you access by clicking on the little arrow above the first letter of each item.

PROFILE: You can “View” or “Edit” your profile, and add your “Profile Photo” or “Cover Photo“.

ACCOUNT: Here you have your “Login Information” (your Account email and your Password, which you can change right here), your “Email Preferences” where you can choose which actions on the network should trigger an email to your inbox, and your “Privacy Settings” where you select who may see your profile details. You can also “Export your Data” or “Delete your Account“.

TIMELINE: It’s like your Personal Wall, with your personal posts and activities. You can check here the “Likes” you got, your Connections, what you posted in your or other Groups, when people “Mentions” you, and who is Following you. You also have here a Menu that allows you quick access to the Blog, your Photos, Documents, Forums, Email Invites, etc.

NOTIFICATIONS: Many activities or actions within the network trigger some notifications to you. They are organized into two groups: “Unread” and “Read”.

MESSAGES: Send & receive messages. To be able to send a message to another member, you must first ask them to connect. When you go to the profile of the member you are interested in connecting with, the icon on the left under their profile picture is used to request to connect and the icon on the right is used to send them a message.

CONNECTIONS: you can check your “Connections” and “Pending Requests“.

GROUPS: Here you can access Groups you belong to, see your “Pending Invites” to join groups, or “Create a Group” by yourself and invite other members. Please only open Groups that you know may be useful and will attract the attention of other members. Groups that remain inactive for more than 30 days will be deleted from the Platform.

FORUMS: They are always associated with a group and they are a very important ProgreCit feature, taking into account that we do not have algorithms like Facebook, the way to keep abreast of what is happening and to follow up on the topics that interest you the most, as well as the opinions that other members have regarding them, is “Open a Discussion“, “Reply to a Discussion” or “Subscribe a Discussion” that interests you. You can also mark some discussions as “Favorites“.

PHOTOS: you can upload and organize your “Photos” and “Albums“.

DOCUMENTS: You can upload your “Documents” and organize them in “Folders“.

EMAIL INVITES: You can invite your friends to join us. You just need to input the “Recipient Name”, the “Recipient Email” and “Customize the Text” of the invitation subject or the invitation email. They will receive an email with a link to Register.

Soon we will be adding other functionalities, both to the website and to our App.

Can I get banned from ProgreCit?

Yes. We are a Private Digital Club. If you say or do something contrary to commonly accepted progressive principles, if you promote products or services (except where this is allowed), if you talk about religion, or if you offend a member just because he or she has an opinion different from yours, we may ban you from our digital platform.

If that happens, you can appeal to a Panel of 3 senior network members, but their decision will be final and irreversible.

Essential Issues 

These are the main issues that you should take into account before starting to interact in ProgreCit. Please, read them. It will save you and us a lot of time.

What is the difference between Facebook and Progrecit?

It is very important to know the differences between Facebook and ProgreCit:

1. Don’t try to compare the functionalities of one and the other network. Facebook is 16 years old and had a $ 5 billion investment. We’re just starting out and we have not accepted investors who later demand to fulfill their interests. Everything has been self-financed, and we often know that something more is needed, but we still don’t have the means to make it happen.

2. Facebook bases everything on an algorithm that decides who you are, what they show you, what you see, and with whom they supposedly consider you should relate. Lately, they have launched a crusade against the ultra-right, which is good, but it has been extended to us progressives.

3. As we have avoided building such an algorithm to respect the privacy of our members, we must also consider ProgreCit Groups and Forums as very important features. Joining a group shows a sign of belonging. Give your opinion within it, open a discussion and obtain valuable information from very valuable people, as it is perhaps the first place to start.

What Can I do Within ProgreCit?

* Members can create and update profiles, including the use of profile and cover photos.

* Members can befriend one another (connections).

* Members can send private messages. Progressive Citizens comes with a robust private messaging system. Users can choose whether or not to receive an email notification when someone sends them a message.

* Members can join and create groups. Most generic groups (by country or by profession, like “Progressive Citizens United States” or “Progressive Citizens Government Employees“, are created by Admins in order to prevent the extraordinary “spraying” of other social networks. Groups can be used for a wide range of functions within the website.

* Members can post, comment, edit, or delete several kinds of posts on the activity streams and follow other users. Progressive Citizens activity streams provide a quick digest of the recent activity going on within the site or with regard to a particular user.

* Members can create blogs. Progressive Citizens gives administrators and users a full-featured online publishing platform.

* Members can participate in forum discussions. Instead of posting one thing after another in groups, which is usually lost in the news feed speed, we encourage group members to create discussions on relevant topics and others comment on it so that everything that is published is very well organized and can be followed up.

* Members can create projects (in progress right now) and properly organize & track all tasks and projects. We have included advanced time management tools for efficient time tracking and we have made team collaboration more effective than ever. You can get advanced reports for full insights about everything.

What are Progrecit Planned Improvements?

We are just starting out. Over the next few months, we will have the following features and/or sections:

Zoom Conference: The ability to create and host Zoom meetings from groups, with a list of upcoming and past Zoom recordings. 

Donations: We are working on allowing members to have fundraising campaigns within ProgreCit Network.

Messages – Live Loading: We want our Messenger to update in real-time, similar to iMessage and WhatsApp. This will make our messenger much more responsive and will allow us to extend it later on with a live chatbox on the site that is in sync with the messenger.

Webs: we want every progressive organization & individual can design, host, maintain and develop their own websites for a very low cost.

Polls: We plan to add the ability to publish polls into activity feeds, for other members to vote on and then view the results.

Hashtags: We plan to add support for #hashtags in the activity feed, allowing members to create their own hashtags and use them in posts to create trending activity.

Schedule Posts: Before the end of the year, we plan to allow Progressive Citizens to create activity posts, which are set to be published at a specific date in the future instead of immediately.

ProgreCit Directory: We pretend to create the largest Progressives Organizations Directory on the web.

ProgreCit Real Estate: a whole sub-website to facilitate our members to buy and sell houses.

… And much more.

What are Progrecit Membership Benefits?

When you become a member, you become a part of the dynamic changes that are transforming our world.

* Connecting with people who think in a similar way, will allow you access to all kinds of resources: to empower your progressive organization, to enrich your life, grow your business, achieve your personal goals, etc. Try to make introductions when you see fit, as members will typically be more willing to help if they see you are actively trying to benefit the community as well.

* Opportunities to influence policies on issues you care about. We are establishing collaboration with many national and international organizations to collectively advance our shared goals and enhance our opportunities for personal/professional development, networking, and advocacy.

* The fight for progress, for what is fair and for improving the world, can sometimes seem like a lonely endeavor. Talking with a mutually-supportive, like-minded network of people, and participating in events, virtually or in the real world, can help you improve your mood and get new ideas.

* Being a progressive person, you can publish your ideas, questions, and suggestions without censorship, and without fear of malicious people reporting and blocking you, as it happens in the main social networks. Our members can interact in protected, secure virtual environments.

* This can help you find new employment and/or new business opportunities. People like to work together or do business with a familiar face, even more, if they share interests and values.

* The greatest value in joining Progressive Citizens comes from the fact that when you engage with other Progressive people, you can find unlimited inspiration. Through active discussions, you will learn from each others’ mistakes, get motivated by each other’s victories, and give and receive much-needed support. Not to mention, that the collaborations that come to fruition thanks to community engagement can yield fresh, exciting innovations that simply can’t be achieved solo.

Let’s Change The Worlds!

We recognize the existence of millions of worlds around us. Each person is his or her own Universe and is at the same time part of many worlds. We all want to change the whole world, but what really counts is to begin by changing our inner world, and the worlds closest to us: our family, neighborhood, school, work, company, town, or city. We must start at the LOCAL level.