Frequent Asked Questions

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What is ProgreCit?

ProgreCit is a Collaboration & Communication Platform exclusively for progressives around the world. It’s not “another” social network but something like a digital “private club”: a platform to meet, mingle and interact with people of similar interests.

WorkgroupsTasks & Projects are at the core of ProgreCit. They are essential to communicate, collaborate and make things happen.

We are also a Fundraising Tool for organizations, projects, and initiatives that contribute to Progress and Social Justice.

We ARE NOT a network just to make friends, share family photos, give “likes” or waste time. For all that we already have Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

We are a network to organize ourselves, exchange knowledge/experiences and take action. We do not intend to replace any of the mentioned networks, but to offer Citizens for Progress what we need to be successful, which is what the other networks do not give us.

How can I join ProgreCit? Is it free?

You can apply for Premium or Free Membership here. Please note that we carefully review each application to ensure that we are dealing with real progressives, and not with trolls, bots, or conservatives of any kind. That is why we may ask you for more information or even reject your application. In the latter case, what you have paid will be returned to you within a period not exceeding 5 days.

ProgreCit basic features are always freeAdvanced features require a monthly Premium Membership of $5.99 monthly or $49.99 annually (30% discount). After Stripe or Paypal takes their cut, 60% goes to the affiliate member who invited you, to fund the progressive organization or project that he or she represents and 40% goes to cover ProgreCit operating expenses, finance the development of additional tools/opportunities, and support the progressive movement.

Every new Member will enjoy the Premium Membership for 30 days, after which they decide whether to contribute that small amount or move to the Basic Membership.

What are the Top Benefits of Joining ProgreCit?

Our Platform consists of two parts:, the website with valuable information for those who fight for Progress and Social Justice in the world (for now only in English and Spanish), and ProgreCit24, which is the result of adapting to our needs a powerful software (and its App in more than 10 languages) with complete tools for management, collaboration, and communication.

Progressives have often been very good at chanting slogans, but not so successful at organizing. For this reason, after much trying to program something of our own, we decided to use the Professional Plan offered by Bitrix24, which is fundamentally designed for companies, but it is still the one that best suits our needs for collaboration and project management.

To the extent that we have the necessary resources, we will achieve greater adaptation by being able to go from the “cloud” version to the version hosted on our servers (On-Premises), where we will be able to ignore the functionalities that do not serve us and add others that will facilitate our efforts. At the moment, ProgreCit24 can offer:


  • Projects, Task & Sub-tasks
  • Time tracking
  • Gantt charts & Kanban Boards
  • Task automation
  • Task and Project Templates


  • Workgroups
  • News & Activity Feed for every workgroup
  • Chats & Video Calls
  • Online Meetings
  • Online Documents
  • Drive & Webmail
  • Calendars
  • Knowledge base and much more…


For now, the basic fundraising tool will be the Premium Membership for those organizations, projects, or initiatives through our Affiliate Program, but in the near future, we will add other tools available to all those who decide to undertake something that helps change the status quo (a tool similar to GoFundMe).

How do I know if I am a Citizen For Progress?

Progressive“, “liberals“, “democrats“, “leftists“, “democratic socialists“, “socialists“, “communists“, etc. are, in practice, treated as synonyms (or close terms) in modern political life. But they are just words that define complex points of view and complex loyalties. So, we decided not to care about terms. WE CARE ABOUT ISSUES.

We are all different but the important thing is to agree on the essence of the solutions to each problem, even if we have different perceptions of how to fix them. So YOU ARE A CITIZEN FOR PROGRESS if you:

* believe that a better society is possible: less unequal, better distributed; a society without racism or discrimination of any kind, more focused on human beings than on profits.

support social programs and believe that Health and Education are universal human rights and that they should be available to everyone for free or for a modest price according to the possibilities of each family.

* believe that Big Capital should be out of politics and that society should guarantee the sacred right to vote, the will of the majority, and the basic rights of minorities.

* believe that the Planet is in danger and that caring for the environment should be a priority for governments, entities, and individuals…

And, very importantly, if you support the fight for social change and are willing to do something to change these and other issues for the better, you belong to ProgreCit, YOU SHOULD JOIN PROGRECIT.

How can ProgreCit improve Organization and Communication?

Our App (ProgreCit24) was originally designed to enhance collaboration and communication between employees of small and medium businesses. We are adapting it to the needs of the local, national and international progressive organizations. To the extent that we have more funds and can pay for access to the software source codes, we will be more and more in a position to improve customization.

ProgreCit24 provides tools that make Team, Time & Task Management more efficient: Project Groups, Project Timeline Tools (Calendars & Gant Charts, Task Dependency Analysis, customizable Task Planners, Checklists, Notifications, and Reminders).

It also includes a Portal with Social Intranet (paid memberships) and Extranet (free membership and external contacts): ProgreCit members can post announcements, start a conversation, and create polls, among many other features. They can store and share files and documents, adding a password or restricting access to sensitive ones. They can use ProgreCit24 to create public and chat groups to discuss their projects and it also allows up to 48 members to join a video or voice call, like Zoom, Skype, or Google hangouts, but with total privacy.

How can ProgreCit help with the necessary funds for action?

ProgreCit has no owners or investors. It does not contemplate the distribution of dividends or profits and its only expenses are its operating costs and the salary or compensations of its work team.

Besides that, all funds generated on the platform will be allocated to progressive organizations and projects, directly (60% of membership proceeds after the payments platforms take their cut) or indirectly, through donations or special financing that come from other sources of income: events, advertising, courses, physical or digital products, affiliate programs, etc.). Everything with total and absolute transparency and accountability.

Initially, the funds available may not be significant, but with the growth of the membership and the rest of the platform’s functionalities, it can prove to be a very useful source of financing.

Why should I TRUST the ProgreCit staff?

We have no investors, sponsors, or available funding sources. Our only opportunity for growth and our only real value is the TRUST of our Members. You can imagine how far we are willing to go to deserve that trust and make it grow!

Memberships Questions

Differences between Free and Premium Membership?

Premium Members, unlike Free Members, can get affiliate commissions, have access to premium content, get invitations and discounts to special events, can be elected members of our different Committees or Task Forces, and even receive compensation for their contribution, if that were the case. They can advertise their businesses, products, or services for free, or with a great discount at our Directory and other platform functionalities.

In a nutshell, Premium Members live on the ProgreCit24 Intranet and have access to all features. Free Members inhabit the ProgreCit24 Extranet with selective or limited access to many of the features (see Table below).

Our Extranet can be thought of as an unlimited number of miniature intranets and can be a very productive part of ProgreCit24. It is simply the various independent workgroups that are created as “extranet” groups and are separate not only from the Intranet side but from each other as well, meaning that usually mixed (Free and Premium) members of Extranet Group A will not see Extranet Group B or any intranet groups. Privacy and confidentiality are very important to us and that is why Extranet users exist in a tightly controlled environment.

Extranet users include Free ProgreCit Members and other organizations/individuals that are not our members, but we need to interact with them and control those interactions (for example, politicians, social leaders, universities, etc.).

Please note that we are just starting out and will be customizing the platform for a while, so you may still find terms like “employees“, “sales“, “customers“, “deals“, etc. Use only what is necessary for you and ignore the rest.

[Rotate your phone to landscape (horizontal) mode to better see the table below].

Why start with Premium and not Free Membership?

The choice is up to you but the ideal option is to start with the Premium Membership of your choice so that you can use and verify the value and usefulness of all our features. You can cancel it at any time within your 30-day trial. We will send you a reminder 3 and 7 days before it ends.

What happens after I cancel?

You will be automatically transferred to Free Membership. It means you still can access your tasks, notes, documents, etc, and interact with other ProgreCit members, but with less or limited access to some features.

How to cancel my Premium Membership?

It’s fast and easy. Just go to your “Account” / “Subscriptions“, click the “Cancel” link and confirm your choice in the popup. Your card or Paypal account won’t be charged and you’ll be transferred to the Free Membership. And, if anything goes wrong, you can always contact us through the forms on our website or by email: Questions

Is all the content on the website public?

No. We have three types of content. One that is public and accessible to anyone who visits our website. Another one is available only to ProgreCit Members (Free & Premium). And a third one that is exclusive to Premium Members.

Besides Memberships and the Blog, what else can I find on

ProgreCit is a platform under development. Every day that passes we will add more benefits and more functionalities that are useful to the organizations and initiatives of those who fight for progress at a local, national or international level.

Among the immediate projects, we plan to add a Directory of Progressive Entities, a Wiki of high relevance for the world’s progressives, the possibility for every progressive around the world to have his or her own business o personal website, and a tool similar to GoFundMe… and much more.

What is and when will the Directory be ready?

As its name indicates, it is an international Directory of progressive organizations, entities, projects, and initiatives. Our small team is working on it and we hope to have it ready soon. We’ll let you know.

What is the "Every Progressive a Website" Project?

In order to ensure that each progressive organization or individual can have a forum from which to promote their voice, ideas, and projects, we are coordinating with web designers around the world, willing to support us in achieving this goal at the least possible cost for those who need a personal or business website.

ProgreCit24 (App) Questions

What is ProgreCit24? is our website, where subscriptions are processed, where we have the Blog, and very soon the Directory and other functionalities. ProgreCit24 is our App (Desktop & Mobile; Android & IOS) developed by the genius team of Bitrix24.

Once you pay for your Membership and we approve it you will receive an email with the invitation to download the App to your phone, tablet, or computer and access all the features. We recommend signing up to the App with the same username and password that you used for your Membership.

Can I access the App with the same credentials that I use for the website?

Once your membership is accepted, we will send you a link so that you can download the App to your phone or computer and we always recommend that you use the same credentials you used to obtain your membership on the website to register in the App.

However, you should know that for now, for security reasons and because the App we are using is designed by a third party, double registration is necessary: on the website and in the App.

Why do I find words in the App that do not correspond to what we do at ProgreCit?

The website has been completely designed by our work team, but for our App, we subscribed to the Professional Plan of a company that for years has been developing what we consider to be the most advanced communication and collaboration software on the market for small and middle-size businesses (Bitrix24).

This is why in some places you will find words like “employee“, “sales“, “business“, “deals“, etc., and some features, such as Inventory Control and others, that you will not use. To the extent that we have the necessary funds, we can acquire the rights to transform the source codes and reach a higher level of customization.

Please be patient. Rome was not built in a day. Neither does ProgreCit.

Do you have any Help to learn how to use the App?

Bitrix24 already did all the hard work for us and they have a powerful help section located in the first icon on the right menu.

Unfortunately, the same does not exist in the App and we know that some of you may not have access to a computer, but we guarantee that we will be working tirelessly to make an App help section available to you on our website,

How to get to know better the benefits and features of ProgreCit24?

Please go to the “How It Works” page, scroll down and you will see that the “Using ProgreCit24” section gives you a detailed tour of the main features that you will have at your disposal.