Building Better Worlds

CITIZENS FOR PROGRESS (ProgreCit) is the digital platform for the Social Justice Movements around the world. We are a social network exclusively for people and organizations supporting Progress for All. Our virtual community brings worldwide Social Justice supporters together to talk, share ideas/interests, and promote projects / social initiatives together.

The Global Initiative to Fight for the People and the Planet


A Humankind without extreme Poverty and with reduced inequalities. A better world society with Opportunities for everyone, and not only for the elite. An eco-friendly planet of Peace and respectful Coexistence. An Inclusive and Just World.


Use Networking & Technology to Empower each progressive individual and organization to fight Poverty and create a Social Justice environment for all. To help them build better social ecosystems, starting small to affect Progress on a larger scale.

What to Know About ProgreCit

Why do we need a Platform for Social Justice Movements?

For the past 2-3 years, American Senator Bernie Sanders, ex Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and other world leaders have been talking about forming a Progressive International, as a “grassroots movement for global justice“, able to “mobilize workers, women and the disenfranchised all around the world behind a shared vision of democracy, prosperity, sustainability, and solidarity“. In 2018, launching Progressive International, they declared that “it is time for progressives of the world to unite“, and they issued a Call to Action:

To create a global network of individuals and organizations that will fight together for dignity, peace, prosperity and the future of our planet.”

The alt-right, thanks in part to Steve Bannon, has formed an international network centered in Europe on the National Front in France and the Northern League in Italy. Authoritarian leaders from Vladimir Putin in Russia to Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia and Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel have formed an informal illiberal axis. Donald Trump is a useful idiot for these overlapping networks“, states the Institute for Policy Studies.

Social Justice ideals like civil liberties and multiculturalism are under attack the world over. Worse, right-wing populists have stolen some of the left’s arguments — about the unfairness of international trade, the machinations of foreign corporations, and the corruptions of the political elite — and dressed them up in nationalist clothing.

We have several networks doing a great job on an issue-by-issue basis (climate change, #MeToo, refugees, immigration, LGBTQ…), but we did not have a multi-issue global effort focused on an overall progressive agenda. Progressive International is up and running, but we still do not have a really “international” platform for Social Justice movements.


So, what is the role of Progressive Citizens?

We, as individuals, as members of a different kind of social network, can do immediately what will take world leaders a long time and a lot of effort. Social Justice warriors around the world can start talking right now, exchanging experiences, promoting joint projects, supporting each other without waiting for leaders to agree and without any bureaucracy.

At this moment we are seeing worldwide a popular uprising of workers, women, middle-class members, and minorities against governments that do not represent us. We are raising the issue of getting money out of politics and ending the rigged system which favors lobbyists and big banks over ordinary, working people. We have the feeling that the establishment, whether liberal or conservative, has failed us, has not listened to people, has not been where we are, has not felt our pain, has been too distant, has been too technocratic.

With time, ProgreCit should become a kind of digital “War Room” or “Situation Room” where we can know, in real-time, what is happening with the Social Justice movements in each country, in each major city in the world. And interact with each other.

ProgreCit Seven PRINCIPLES

* We fight for SOCIAL JUSTICE as a key component for the development of civil society in every country in the world. It includes economic justice, racial justice, and environmental justice. We are for AUTHENTICITY and INTEGRITY as a fundamental component of Progress.

* We will never stop fighting for this PLANET. A healthy and sustainable environment is one of our top priorities. The real conflict is not “profit vs planet” but “neoliberalism vs ecology“. A sick Planet does not allow the healthy and comprehensive development of human beings.

* We are against OPPRESSION, any form of oppression. We fight for the vulnerable and underprivileged, the sick and powerless, and everyone that is marginalized by existing power structures. We are against DISCRIMINATION as a form of oppression.

* We are for DEMOCRACY as the constant pursuit of civic engagement and public involvement in the direction of social progress. We are for TRANSPARENCY and for the real ACCOUNTABILITY of those in power. We fight to get Big Money out of the political process and to reform the electoral process in every country so that people can elect those who are the best fit to serve and not simply the powerful. We support FREEDOM OF SPEECH and a free & responsible media, whose main purpose is to combine transparency, accountability, and education.

* We are against the CONCENTRATION of WEALTH & POWER in the hands of the few at the expense of the many. We fight for a LIVING WAGE that allows access to life-essential goods and services. And we fundamentally oppose the mass PRIVATIZATION of those things that should be a right not a privilege, like Healthcare and Education.

* We fight POVERTY and SOCIAL EXCLUSION as the main exponents of social predation and regression. They are a denial of choices, opportunities, and a real capacity to effectively participate in society. And a violation of human dignity.

* We believe in a more inclusive SOLIDARITY because, even when it is impossible to agree on every single thing, most of our interests as human beings are shared interests, and progress is not possible if we do not stand together on the issues that matter.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We talk about Religion, but NOT Here.

Citizens for Progress (ProgreCit) profess diverse religions, beliefs, creeds, and life philosophies. To prevent our differences from separating us, or distracting us from the ultimate goal, we have decided NOT TO TALK ABOUT RELIGION within this platform. Nothing at all. RESPECT and COEXISTENCE make us stronger.

Why do you say "BETTER WORLDS" instead of "better world"?

We do not care much about semantics. We care about purpose:

We recognize the existence of millions of worlds around us. Each person is his or her own Universe and is at the same time part of many worlds. We all want to change the whole world, but what really counts is to begin by changing our inner world, and the worlds closest to us: our family, neighborhood, school, work, company, town, or city. We must start at the LOCAL level.

We know that there is a world of confusion and suffering where it is very difficult to bring clarity and joy, but it is possible. There is also a world of social justice wisdom and compassion that can be used to transform the other worlds, the small ones, and the huge ones. We need more “upstanders”, more “active operators” and fewer “bystanders”.

We embrace the 3D option: “Democracy, Distribution, and Development”.

Note: We started this project as “Neo Citizens”: “Neo” means “new”, “recent”, “revived”, “modified”. But some people associated this word with neo-fascism or neoliberalism, so we decided to change our name to Citizens For Progress (Progrecit).


ProgreCit is a digital Private Club. Right of Admission Reserved. Our network includes exclusively those who truly support the Social Justice movements. If you accept our 7 Principles, please Join Us.

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